IMPACT loves to offer workshops and classes for both the trained dancer and the untrained mover. Whether to music, the spoken word or to silence, movement allows us to process emotions and better understand our world. We experience movement from the first moment of existence and it carries through our lives; enriching our experiences and relationships. Movement is how we learn, grieve and celebrate.

Our lives are enhanced when movement is integrated into daily experience!

EVM – IMPACT’s Outreach Program

Technique Classes with Judy Bejarano, Artistic Director

Every Voice Matters!



“Every Voice Matters” uses writing, visual art and movement to help students identify what is important to them and to give them a creative avenue to express their thoughts. Workshops are customized to fit into each program’s curriculum, drawing upon essays, poems and memoirs that students have written as a jumping off point for art and dance. This program was launched in the spring of 2010 at Lesher IB World School.  EVM is currently in its 7th year and we have worked with several programs in our community including: Lesher IB World Middle School, Laurel Elementary, Garfield Elementary, Harris Bilingual Elementary, Lab School for Creative Learning, Bennett Elementary, Lincoln Middle IB World School, Beattie Elementary, Fort Collins High School, Polaris Expeditionary Learning School, PSD Options Program, Poudre High School and the ASPIRE program at Boltz Jr. High.

Additionally, part of IMPACT’s outreach mission is to train teachers with the skills to bring movement alive in their own classrooms. In our work we strive to provide the teachers with the tools they need to feel confident in their own movement, as well as in their ability to create movement opportunities throughout the day with students, whether building it into the curriculum, as a further method for deeper exploration and expression or a healthy break option during the day.

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“Everyone has beliefs that shape who they are, and every voice matters.”


Contact: Amber Mazurana, Outreach Coordinator

“Giving the students such a wide range of ways to express themselves promoted a deeper understanding in both the literacy and art curriculum, built self esteem, nurtured trust in their classmates, and enriched each student’s understanding of what it means to be a member of a community. Most importantly, they learned that their own voice matters.”

~Kimberly Noel, Artist/Teacher, Beattie Elementary

“IMPACT Dance Company provides unique learning opportunities that are sure to leave a positive, lasting impression on students… It was amazing to watch how excited the students were to be given the opportunity to explore their writing through an artistic lens. Part of my students’ enthusiasm came from feeling empowered in knowing that these visiting artists valued their work.”

~Allison Pearse, Dual Language Arts Teacher, Lesher IB World Middle School

“I felt that exposing a group of very diverse students to a new experience was powerful. Many of our students have never had the opportunity to participate in a program like this and it expanded their understanding of culture, movement and artistic expression. It was amazing to watch some of our students that typically don’t have a “voice” participate in creating a memoir, flag and the movement activities. What an empowering experience!”

~Rebecca McCorkel, English

Modern Dance Technique Classes with Judy Bejarano

Intermediate/Advanced Modern Technique: “Fly through space and take your pelvis with you!” Join IMPACT Dance Company members, students from Canyon Concert Ballet and community members in a dynamic class setting as they explore Bejarano’s momentum-based technique. Accompanied by Dave Jacoby. Monday nights from 6:15-7:45pm, presented through our friends at Canyon Concert Ballet, 1031 Conifer St. Fort Collins, Colorado. For more information and registration, contact CCB at 970-472-4156.

Adult Intermediate Modern Technique – “Beautiful Movers” (currently on hiatus due to the pandemic) This class is perfect for you if you have had some experience and technical training and consider yourself at the Intermediate level.  It’s also for you if you are an adult and have been missing the emotional and physical connection that dancing brings to your life. You’ll be “enthusiastically challenged” in a relaxed and spirited environment.

Fridays from 9:00-10:30am, taught by Judy Bejarano, Artistic Director, IMPACT Dance Company. Please note that we occasionally cancel class due to IMPACT events and recommend that you reach out prior to coming to the first class to be sure we are meeting. Class cost: $15/single or $60 for a 5 class card. For information and registration contact impactdance@comcast.net or call 970-231-0844.

Kaleidescope Cropped photo credit: Barry Bailey

Moving Through Parkinson’s with Lisa Morgan

Taught and coordinated by Lisa Morgan,  MTP classes were developed for people with early-onset Parkinson’s Disease and those with the disease who are able to move and engage in a wider range of activity.  Through exercises and movement patterns, we work to improve balance, combat stiffness and rigidity, and improve coordination and spatial awareness.  Our goals are to build confidence to move with freedom and ease, acquire tools to use on a daily basis and build strength and endurance and, overall, to improve our well being as we interact, share and move together.

Check out Lisa’s website www.movingthroughparkinsons.wordpress.com to find more about the program and see updated information about ongoing classes.