Words, Wo/Men and Song!

Words, Wo/Men & Song!

Join IMPACT and several area musicians for a performance and conversation exploring the intimate relationship between dance and music.


Friday and Saturday, February 17 & 18, 7pm at the Music District, 639 S. College Ave., Fort Collins.

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IMPACT Dance Company, under the Artistic Direction of Judy Bejarano, will present two performances, February 17 & 18, that focus on the collaborative process and relationship of music and dance. The performances will feature Bejarano’s work as well as that of several guest choreographers and musicians. Between many of the dances, the artists will share with the audience their intention, the evolution of the collaboration and a glimpse into the rehearsal process. The choreographic work and music presented will be diverse; ranging from classical instrumentation, to improvisation and live vocalization.

IMPACT is known for creating unique performances using original text, organic movement and projection in nontraditional venues. Their vision for Words, Wo/Men and Song suits the mission of the Music District. Sharing the process of this collaboration with the audience, creates an intimacy and educational view that is not always present in traditional performance settings.

Choreography by Judy Bejarano, Analia Alegre-Feminias, Susie Garifi, Maggie Jung, Alicia Laumann, Amber Mazurana, Jenna Smith and Mary Wohl Haan.