Roundabout – IMPACT at The Lyric

IMPACT is proud to be a part of this event with choreography performed live and on film. We have created 3 short dance for camera pieces and are restaging some work from our performance, American Lullaby to be seen on the grounds at the Lyric and simulcast onto the screen. This event supports several area nonprofits and will follow all current protocol for a safe evening of dance and other performance art.

Check out the short promo video here:

Presented by Fortified Collaborations, the #Roundabout series gives our community the opportunity to gather safely in these times, and to show courageous presence around what is happening in our culture. We believe music and dance are bridges that can connect people to each other and ideas that inspire action to create the change that needs to happen and that IS happening. We want to hold the space for people to show up and be inspired and uplifted around unity, consciousness, and justice.

This is the safest way to gather and do something outside the home during these times. Distancing protocols will be in place at this outdoor venue and masks are required.